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Explore the Rivers & Trails

River Reach Foundation invites you to explore trails in the Farmington area, including the Animas and San Juan Valley areas. There are detailed guides to parks, trails, and scenery in the area, including raft ride take out locations. Click on the maps below to download them and refer to them on your next hiking, rafting, or canoeing adventure.

We also support the Riverside Nature Center, which offers weekly programming for adults and kids. The nature center also has the Herb and Xerioscape Gardens. For more information on the nature center, visit their website.


Canoeing/Rafting/Kayaking on the Animas

At its beginning, the Animas River is a swirling torrent. It comes hurtling out of the peaks above Silverton, Colorado, and plunges over 2,000 feet in the next 30 miles. By the time it reaches Farmington, the Animas is tame. Dropping only about five feet per mile, the Animas is generally calm, although it can be clouded by sediments. The Animas may remain navigable to canoes, rafts, and tubes into late August or early September, depending upon snowpack and summer rains.Due to the generally cold nature of the river, wetsuits, dry suits or layered water-repelling garments should be worn to protect against hypothermia anytime the combination of air temperature and water temperature is below 100° F.Hard-soled river boots are strongly recommended to protect feet from rocks in the river and along the banks. Gore-Tex or wool socks should be worn for added dryness and warmth.


Check Out The Neighborhood

Visiting the Farmington area? It’s the perfect place to wander around a bit. Here’s a few ideas:


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