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Our Impact

Since its creation in 1986, The River Reach Foundation has acquired over 100 acres of land in grants and easements for the purpose of developing it for recreational public use. The Foundation also hosts regular clean up projects and events that draw in over 25,000 people to our rivers every year! The Foundation is always looking for ways to give back to the community and care for the rivers and trails. If you have a good idea for a project, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Penny Lane

               Penny Lane Dam is located on the Animas River just east of Farmington Lake. This low head dam was constructed in 1984 to pump water from the Animas to Lake Farmington. The dam had the un-intended consequence of stopping fish from travelling downstream as well as creating dangerous hydraulic conditions for rafters which resulted in several deaths. In 2013 The River Reach Foundation partnered with the City of Farmington to address these safety concerns.

Construction began in 2015 and the project was completed in 2017. The final project resulted in two safe passage options for boaters and rafters to choose from, a safety cable way, and the addition of a fish ladder that will allow fish to pass downstream of the dam. Check out the video to learn more about the project, or visit the site yourself to see everything that has been done!

Past Projects

Rocky Reach Rapid Repair

In February of 2012 the City of Farmington and the River Reach Foundation worked together to repair the Rocky Reach Rapid. The purpose of the structure was to ensure irrigation flow to Willett’s ditch and create a hydraulic wave feature for kayakers and boaters. The original construction in 2000 was successful in creating the desired whitewater featured but over the years, the structure began to be partially undermined by scour. This deterioration increased the danger to the boating public. As a result of this three year project spearheaded by Rick Page River Reach Foundation member, the feature is once again recreation friendly.

Big thanks to:

Eagle Scout Tree Planting

50 cottonwood trees were transplanted from Farmington Lake to Berg Park as a project for the Eagle Scouts.

Land Grants & Donations

The area known today as Animas, Berg, and Boyd Parks would not be the recreational asset to the community it is today if not for the land grants and easements from following families. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Walter and Winifred Berg — 12.66 acres — 1966
  • J.L. (Mutt) and Fern Foutz — 26.25 acres — 1986
  • Roy and Donella Owen — 7.35 acres — 1986
  • Omer and Winnie Tucker — 4.94 acres — 1986
  • Scott and Eleanor Brown — 2.64 acres — 1992
  • Scott and Eleanor Brown — 3.86 acres — 1992
  • Joseph Palmer et. al. — 1.19 acres — 2011

Within the last 5 years easements along the banks of the river have been granted by:

  • Nina Patterson
  • Geoff Brimhall
  • Alan Stanco
  • Steiner Corporation
  • Custom Granite and Glass Inc. (Dollar) for $18,500.00
  • Ernie and Cara Martin, so that the trail can be completed between Berg Park and Boyd Park.

The River Reach Foundation is still in need of easements along the banks of the Animas downstream of the trail which ends 1100 feet downstream of Boyd Park. The goal is to extend the trail along the banks of the Animas to the confluence with the San Juan River, at which point the botanical garden will be established by Jeff Neidhardt M.D.

On-going Projects

Trail Clean-up & Creation

The River Reach Foundation hosts clean-up projects to improve and protect the trails as well as the rivers. These ongoing efforts have had a huge impact on the river trails including those along the Animas River near Berg Park. If you are interested in joining our clean-up projects or have ideas for our next projects, please give us a call at (505) 716-4405.



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