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The River Reach Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, promotion and enhancement of Farmington’s riverine corridors.


Trail Development

The River Reach Foundation has acquired land donations and easements, assisted in brokering land sales to the City of Farmington, written and received grants, and partnered with the City of Farmington and the Parks and Rec Department in planning future trails that will improve river access throughout Farmington.

River, Park and Trail Improvement

In an effort to preserve and protect the diverse resources provided by the rivers, the foundation holds many river and trail clean-up projects, park improvements, and river stabilization projects.

Recreational Opportunities Along the Rivers

The Foundation hosts rafting and water trail expeditions as well as annual events along the rivers such as Riverfest and Riverglo.

Economic Opportunities for our Communities

The River Reach Foundation puts on yearly events along the rivers which draw in over 30,000 people annually and provide economic opportunities for Farmington.


Boaters, floaters, and fishers aplenty! Over 30 years ago, a small group of enthusiastic community members began meeting to address access, preservation, and debris accumulations along the Animas and San Juan Rivers. This informal group grew in size and determination, forming The River Reach Foundation. Today, The Foundation is comprised of a diverse bunch of river-loving volunteers who have been brought together through their appreciation of San Juan County’s waters.

If you are as passionate about the rivers as we are, please consider attending one of our board meetings. We meet the first Thursday of each month at the Farmington Civic Center at 7:00PM. We love newcomers!


Trails & Maps

Berg Park Trail Maps

Upcoming Events

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